Precision machining


Providing optimal solutions with expert skills

Established in 2011 based on the abundant experience and know-how of in-house machine manufacturing in the Hygent Group. Making full use of micron-order precision processing technology, we accept a wide range of orders, from the development of jigs and tools, to the manufacture of special machines, and the improvement and new construction of lines. In particular, we offer the most suitable production system for precision machining of difficult-to-cut materials that require exceptional precision and quality. We have extensive experience in cutting 42 alloy (iron + nickel), copper tungsten, and kovar, which has been considered difficult to free-cut due to its low thermal expansion and easy adhesion. We produce cutting-edge technology products such as parts for optical semiconductors with high-precision processing machines.


Micro processing of multifaceted products with the latest MC processing machine

Wire cut electrical discharge machining

1mm square micro size is cleared by high precision processing technology


Fully compatible with small-diameter cutting workpieces with a diameter of 3 mm or less and high dimensional accuracy

Precision laser processing

Speedy response to high-precision microfabrication for various materials

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