Photochemical etching


Immediate response to photochemical etching processing by taking advantage of group cooperation

In the production of precision parts such as lead frames, it is also possible to select etching processing (a surface processing technique that applies precision photography and photo-etching) in addition to press processing. Under the collaboration system of the Hygent Group, we produce high-quality products, from prototypes starting from one product to small-lot production to mass production. We promise high precision and speedy manufacturing. (We are active in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku and Nagano areas.)

Etching process

We can handle small quantities to mass-produced products such as metal masks, mesh plates, lead frames, pallets, and trays.

Material that can be processed

Copper, stainless steel, Kovar, 42 alloy, aluminum, other

Thickness that can be processed

From 0.005t to 3.0t by material * We always have more than 500 kinds of materials in stock.

Machining, fiber laser processing

Copper processing such as various machining, fiber laser processing, composite processing power lead frames is also possible.

Material that can be processed

Iron, copper, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, molybdenum, tungsten, other

Thickness that can be processed

We have a track record from 0.05t to 6.0t
* Composite processing combining etching and fiber laser is also possible.

Diffusion bonding, thermocompression bonding, laser welding, spot welding

Diffusion bonding, thermocompression bonding
It is possible to bond metals at the atomic level by heating and pressurizing.
Various plate thicknesses such as 0.1t x 10 sheets, 0.2t x 5 sheets, 0.5t x 4 sheets are possible.

Laser welding

Various shapes can be welded by laser irradiation.
Not limited to flat plates, surface welding is also possible.

Spot welding

Welding to various metals is possible with an advanced spot welder.

Various surface treatments

Various surface treatments are possible for lead frames, various precision parts, decorative parts, etc.
In addition, fine partial plating, blasting and polishing are also possible.

Plating type

Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pd, Sn plating, fine spot Ag and various spot plating using etching technology are possible.

Other processing

Black oxide treatment, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, blasting, satin finishing (soft etching), etc. are also possible.